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Galant Electronics supply concentrates on providing quality components at competitive prices.

Quotes are answered in a matter of hours, often in minutes, either by phone, by email or through an interactive database available on-line at our website. We are an electronic component distributor for: integrated circuit, discrete semiconductor, resistors and capacitors, potentiometers, transformers, fuses, relays, fans and heaters, thermo sensors, connectors, housing and other components for industry. We are currently carries products from many quality manufacturers, including such Maxim\Dallas, Silabs, Simtek, Supertex, Acam,Tyco, Releco, Jamicon, Panasonic, Sunon, Teridian(TDK), Parallax, Cyan, Power Integrations and others. For urgent complex orders we deliver production from the European warehouses of companies ELFA and others within 2-3 weeks.

OOO " ", ./ (495) 150 69-68, (495) 150-69-68. E-mail: info@igalant.ru